This game is appropriate for ages 7 and 8.
Presenting a fast, fun way to help kids build logical thinking and expand their brain development. Children develop visual discrimination when matching shapes and patterns. This app is a great introduction to pattern matching and spatial relationship. Each puzzle provides different pattern sequences that kid needs to recognize and choose from one of the four alternatives pictures to complete the sequence.

A new pattern matching game from "Nth Fusion LLC" designed specifically with younger kids in mind, "Pattern Discovery" app provides children with an enriching and fun play experience.Your child explores picture patterns to find matches, a skill that lays the foundation for recognizing order in the world around us. If your child has difficulty finding the patterns by sight alone, encourage your child to say the names of the objects out loud. Ask questions like - When does the picture start repeating? Reinforce the concept by saying the picture pattern out loud.

+ 2nd Grade kids
+ Parent home schooling
+ Elementary/Primary school teachers
+ See the pattern shown on the screen. Fill in the missing pattern by dragging or tapping on the patterns listed below.

+ If your choice is correct then background of the app will turn green for a brief moment and you will be taken to next pattern match

+ If your choice is incorrect then background of the app will turn red for a brief moment and the app will automatically show the correct answer. After a brief pause, you will be taken to next puzzle.



+ You can select between easy and advance patterns

+ You can pick the number of puzzles that you want to solve

+ You can pick categories of pictures you want to see



Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
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To improve future version of the game, please provide us constructive feedback from your kid's perspective.