Great app to kick-start the brain into high gear!. The Arrow game is appropriate for kids and adults alike. This creative strategy game helps in visual perception and logical thinking, an essential part of brain development. This game is addictive, once you get the hang of it. Try a few practice rounds to get started! The arrow game increases visual intelligence and improves overall cognitive abilities. Game shows a grid of arrows pointing in different directions. There are targets lined up around the grid. Each target has a number in it. Your goal is to turn red targets to green. Tap to rotate arrows to point to a target. Each target turns green when the correct number of arrows are pointed towards it. The number of arrows pointing to a target should match with the number shown in the target. Arrows are not locked into positions, can be rotated at any time as you plan in solving the puzzle. There are five levels in the game.

Studies have shown that puzzles, logic & strategy games help in focus & concentration of kids. This kind of games boosts kid's confidence in problem solving. This arrow game is not an action packed hyper active, fast paced game. The app is non-threatening and soothing as there are no timers.