Who Am I? - Animal Trivia

Can you guess --
  • The world's smallest bird?
  • The fastest flying insect?
  • Which mammals lay eggs? 
If you are curious, this fun filled animal trivia game will challenge your thinking and peek your curiosity.
This game is great for birthday parties, car trips, classrooms, or gatherings.

This inquisitive flash card like app will present clues and let you guess the correct animal, similar to  a traditional "Who am I game". The app is designed to strengthen reading skills, memory, skills in associating pictures, words and sounds.
Research studies have shown that picture cards and clues are excellent learning aids for kids. The clue based "WHO AM I ? - Animal Game" enables important concepts of Associative thinking, Hypothesizing, Inferring, Evaluation, Patterning, and Predicting  abilities.
Our vision at the Nth Fusion Learning Institute is to build educational applications to enrich kids learning.
  •  Kids will be presented 3 - 4  clues about a particular animal.
  •  The clues give subtle and important characteristics about the animal.
  •  Click on "Show Answer" to reveal the picture, and name pronunciation of the animal
  •  This version contains clues of 85 animals consisting of birds, wild animals, sea dwellers, etc
  • The app user interface design is based on Human Computer Interface Design Patterns
  • Special emphasis is on hand, ear, and eye coordination to keep kids engaged.
  • Bright kid-centric colors,animations and impressive images
  • Option to turn sound on or off for name pronunciation
Please direct support questions to AppSupport@nthfusion.com

To improve future version of the game, please provide us constructive feedback from your kid's perspective.