3rd Grade Word Analogies  

The makers of the award winning app “Analogies 4 kids” now bringing a “3rd grade analogy App” (word analogies) catering specifically to 7-9 year old kids. In this app, we have included some of the suggested features you have requested. Incomplete analogies are always included in standardized tests/Gifted and talented programs at every grade including 3rd grade. This is because when kids complete them correctly, it is considered to exhibit high level thinking. 
The word based analogies presented in this app will definitely help students develop comprehension of vocabulary and concepts that will Improve critical thinking and reasoning abilities. The relationship logic will help kids better learn and retain vocabulary words. You will have shining stars on your hands! 

Why analogies?... you may ask. Kids have great inquisitive minds. They want to observe, learn and play with everything around them. Here’s where analogies come in. Using analogies, kids can understand and build connections between things. When you present kids with analogy questions, they will take the relationships they are familiar with from the first set, and extend their understanding, which helps them digest new concepts and ideas more effectively and easily. This is absolutely essential and plays a significant role in problem solving, decision making perception, memory, creativity, emotion and communication.
Sometimes kids find it challenging to understand and solve analogies, because they may not immediately figure out the nature of the first relationship. Not to worry; we have this figured out! To help with this, we have included a hint section, when you toggle the hint section, we explain the first relationship which will most definitively spark the reasoning ability of your kid to solve the incomplete analogy. 
*This is first app of its kind that has explanation of relationships to aid your kid/class students.
* This app covers a lot of analogy relationship types
* Beautiful kids centric pictures
* Interactive
* Encourages kids when they get things correct
* No social media links
* no Advertisements
* no in-app purchase needed

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