App Name: 1st Grade Science Glossary #1  
Learn and Practice Worksheets for home use and in school classrooms
 Is your kid confused or guessing the meaning of certain science words? If so, this app can help. "A picture is worth a thousand words". This philosophy is used in creating 1st Grade Science Glossary #1 app. Each glossary word is clearly defined & explained with illustrations and voice narration that can be followed with ease. This app is designed to improve the science vocabulary skill of any child ages 5 - 7 years. The app covers various glossary terms of Earth Science, Space Science, Energy and Matter taught in schools.

App is ideally suited as a study aid in classrooms, homeschooling and a handy refresher at home. Voice narration, in every screen, will aid non-native English students in learning science vocabulary terms.

This wonderful app is divided into the following 4 learning and 4 practice units.
+ Earth Science
+ Energy
+ Matter
+ Space Science

Following glossary words are covered in the app.
Earth Science:
desert, enrich, fall, freshwater, heat, lake, mineral,
natural resource, ocean, rain forest, recycle, reduce, repel,
reuse, river, rock, salt water, sand, season, soil, spring,
stream, summer, sun, temperature, winter

float, friction, magnet, magnetic force,
magnetize, pitch, poles, sound, strength,
sunlight, wind

air, condense, dissolve, gas,
liquid, matter, melt, texture,

Space Science:
moon, rotates, stars, comet, solar system

Our next app - 1st Grade Science Glossary #2 will cover science words in the following categories:
+ Life Science
+ Scientific enquiry
+ Force and motion

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