3rd Grade Curriculum Based Apps Bundle  

Many thanks to Apple's latest features, we are now able to bring you a collection of 3rd grade apps in a single bundle. Your 3rd grader will benefit greatly from these apps during the school year. These apps can be used in a classroom setting or at home.

Apps covered in this bundle include Science Glossary, Math, and Science curriculum topics, Word and Picture analogies critical thinking series. If you were to purchase books on these topics it would cost you a fortune, and books would not give you the interactivity and voice narration capabilities these apps have. 

App bundle highlights:

The "Science 4 Kids - Volume 1" iPad app is designed to improve the science skill of any child ages 7- 11 years. This app is built for Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 students. The lessons in this app promote learning of science concepts associated with plants, animals, human body systems, traits, and on recycling. The App contains Learning modules that explain each concept clearly, with illustrations (including real life examples) and voice narrations that can be followed with ease.

The Science 4 Kids - Volume 2 iPad app is a continuation of the Science app series. This "Science 4 Kids" series has been popular with parents and teachers. Lessons in this app promote learning of science concepts associated with energy, force and work, weather, environments, well-known scientists, landforms, soil, weathering, and on safety.
Geometry 4 Kids app is built for elementary kids ages 5 - 10. App teaches plethora of geometrical concepts. The App contains Learning modules that explain each concept clearly, with illustrations (including real life examples) and narration. Practice modules reinforce concepts. Following topics are covered : Learn & Practice sections on * 2D shapes  * 3D Shapes * Faces and Sides  * Corners and Square Corners  * Symmetry  * Line Segments, Rays, & Angles * Polygons & Triangles * Congruence, & Transformations * Who Am I - Riddles. * Critical Thinking  
The Landforms app is for ages 5 - 10. App explains characteristics of various landforms.  It has a unique landforms riddles and challenging questions to indulge kids. Landforms covered: Canyons, Caves, Continents, Deltas, Gulf, Hills, Island, Lakes, Mountains, Oceans, Peninsulas, Plains, Plateaus,Rivers,Valleys,Volcanoes, and Waterfalls.

Grade 3 Math #1 app covers the following math topics:
+ Measurements
+ Number Line
+ Addition and Subtraction
+ Geometric shapes
+ Pattern Recognition
+ Data Interpretation

Grade 3 Math #2 app is a continuation of the Grade 3 math series. Topics covered:  

+ Pattern Relationships
+ Place Value
+ Fractions
+ Estimation
+ Multiplication
+ Division
+ Symmetry
+ Time
+ Temperature

3rd Grade Science Glossary Apps 1 & 2:
A good knowledge of science vocabulary is necessary in understanding important science concepts. Science contains specialized words that may be unfamiliar to students. A good way to learn science words is to go through the word, it's definition, and have some contextual meaning. This is precisely what is available through this 3rd grade glossary #1 and #2 Apps.  

+ Glossary apps covers 160 science terms
+ Glossary apps 310 screens of learning and quizzes.
+ Glossary apps have 330 pictures related to science terms. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Critical & Analytical Thinking apps:
Analogies are always included in standardized tests/Gifted and talented programs in 3rd grade. We have two Analogies apps included: 
3rd grade Word analogy App
3rd Grade Picture Analogy App
The word and picture based analogies presented will definitely help students develop comprehension of vocabulary and spatial relationships. They will improve critical thinking, reasoning abilities, perception, memory, creativity skills.

Get these apps today and help get your 3rd grader wired to excel in this grade .