Grade 3 Math Vol 1

Does your 3rd grader need a curriculum based math refresher? How can you help him or her at home to catch up? This Grade 3 Math #1 app is sure to reinforce age appropriate skills and will help your child meet or exceed the curriculum standards. This app is designed to be used with children from 7 to 9 years of age. Take the lead and help your child succeed. The learning sections, guided problems, brain teasers, and quiz lessons along with voice narration from a school teacher are key features available in this app.

This app covers the following math topics:

+ Measurements
+ Number Line
+ Addition and Subtraction
+ Geometric shapes
+ Pattern Recognition
+ Data Interpretation

You will find hundreds of learning and practice screens that will help strengthen math skills covered in the classroom curriculum. You and your child should feel free to move through sections in any way you wish.

This app is a perfect supplement to homework and can be used to extend and reinforce essential math skills at home or in a classroom environment. The App contains Learning modules that explain each concept clearly, with illustrations (including real life examples) and voice narrations that can be followed with ease. A headset would help keep your kid focus better as a teacher provides voice narration in every screen. Because there are no timers, levels or things to accomplish, this app is very soothing and non-threatening. This app is sure to help your child succeed in 3rd grade math.

Upcoming Grade 3 math #2 will cover the rest of the 3rd grade math topics taught in schools.

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With this important learning app in your kids' hand, your child is sure to be prepared for the learning challenges that lie ahead.