3rd Grade Science Quiz - Volume 1  

3rd Grade Science Quiz # 1 is a practice drill for students of ages 7-9 years old. In this app, we have not only given traditional multiple choice questions but supplemented with an illustration for answer choice to give bigger understanding about the answer. There are 15 sets of practice drills that cover entire 3rd grade science common core curriculum and Texas curriculum. This app will go nicely with other science learning and glossary apps to teach science concepts to our young students and will help tremendously in their journey towards STEM. Teachers and parents can also leverage this app in preparing for exams with students.

The next upgrade of this app will also have voice narration for helping slow learning students. Illustrations and voice are powerful technique to remember various difficult science concepts.

Features of the app:
+ Curriculum based hand chosen numerous sets of quizzes.
+ Beautiful illustrations
+ Inspiring feedback to students