4th Grade Curriculum Based Apps Bundle  

We bring you a great collection of 10 educational learning apps a 4th grader needs to have. Your 4th grader will benefit greatly from these apps during the school year. These apps can be used at home or in a classroom setting.

Apps in this bundle include Science Glossary, Math, and Science curriculum topics, Word and Picture Analogies. If you were to purchase books on these topics it would cost you a lot. These apps have great illustrations, interactivity and voice narrations capabilities that help kids of all types. Kids who are visual learners can learn from the graphics, kids who are auditory learners (or dyslexic) can learn from the voice narration, kids that learn best from reading or have auditory processing disorders have text, and the lack of excessive animation helps kids with attention focus.  

The following apps are in this bundle:

Body Organs 4 Kids App:
Our body is a fabulous machine, run by various organs that keeps us healthy to do our day to day tasks. The Body Organs app covers 18 body organs.

For each organ, it teaches:
+ location
+ Few cool facts
+ Describes sections and functions
+ What problems can arise if the organ doesn't function properly
+ How to keep the organ healthy
+ A few questions about the organ

Following organs are covered:
Brain, Heart, Lungs, Ears, Eyes, Skeleton System, Digestive System, Muscles, Kidneys, Pancreas, Liver, Spleen, Gallbladder, Bladder, Cell, Skin, Nose, Tongue

Landforms App:
Learn some fascinating facts about the world around us with this Landforms App. App covers explanation , illustrations, habitats, and facts of the following landforms:

Canyons, Cave, Continent, Deltas, Gulf, Hills, Island, Lakes, Mountains, Oceans, Peninsulas, Plains, Plateaus, River,Valleys, Volcanoes, Waterfalls

4th Grade Science Quiz # 1:
This is a practice drill app. In this app there are 15 sets of practice drills that cover entire 4th grade science common core and Texas curriculum. Contains illustrations, and hand chosen quizzes.

4th Grade Math Volume 1 and 4th Grade Math #2 Apps:
The math apps are designed to improve math skills of your 4th grader. The app contains learning modules that explain each concept clearly, with illustrations (including real life examples) that can be followed with ease. Included practice sections help reinforce concepts.

Topics Covered:
+ Addition & Subtractions
+ Estimates
+ Fractions
+ Geometry 
+ Area, Perimeter, Volume 
+ Number Line
+ Pattern Relationships
+ Symmetry & Transformations
+ Probability & Data Interpretation
+ Place Value
+ Multiplication & Division
+ Time & Temperature
+ Patterns

Science 4 Kids - Volume # 1 App:
This elegant app is easy to use, provides educational content with great illustrations for students, schools and parents.

Topics Covered:
* Plants
- Roots & Stems
- Leaf
- Fruits & Seeds
* Animal
- Food Habits & Food Chain
- Survival
* Human Sense Organs
* Human Body Systems
* Traits
* Recycle

4th Grade Science Glossary #1 and #2 Apps:
Fourth graders need to learn science related vocabulary. Understanding these glossary terms are paramount to kids as they help build foundational knowledge and understanding, not only in current grades but also in higher grades.

Topics Covered:
+ Earth Science
+ Matter
+ Scientific Inquiry
+ Space Science
+ Life Science part 1
+ Life Science part 2
+ Energy
+ Force and Motion

Critical & Analytical Thinking apps for 4th grader:
Analogies are always included in standardized tests/Gifted and talented programs in 4th grade. Two Analogies apps are:

+ Word analogy App
+ Picture Analogy App

The word and picture based analogies presented will definitely help students develop comprehension of vocabulary and spatial relationships. They will improve critical thinking, reasoning abilities, perception, memory, and creativity skills.

This collection of 4th grade apps is sure to help your kid succeed in this curriculum year. We very much value your feedback, please visit or contact us at nthfusion.com.