5th Grade curriculum based apps bundle 

Here is a collection of apps focussed towards the 5th Graders. These apps cover a lot of topics, and have great illustrations, voice narrations provided by a teacher, and are very simple to use. They can be used by kids of all types. Kids who are visual learners can learn from the graphics, kids who are auditory learners can listen to voice narrations, and kids that learn best from reading can have their way as well. These apps can be used by a teacher, or kids can learn and practice on their own at home.

Apps covered in this bundle include Science Glossary, Math, Word & Picture Analogies, and several Science curriculum topics. These apps can beat the price of books any day, and are great to learn from, with interactive quizzes, drag and drop features and Narration capabilities to maintain focus and attention.

Apps in this bundle :

Science 4 Kids - Volume # 1 & Volume # 2:
This elegant app is easy to use, provides a fantastic breath of educational content with great illustrations and voice narrations for students, schools and parents.

Topics covered in great detail:
* Plants  
- Roots & Stems
- Leaf
- Fruits & Seeds
* Animals 
- Food Habits & Food Chain
- Survival
* Human Sense Organs
* Human Body Systems
* Traits
* Recycle
* Energy
* Force and Work
* Weather
* Environments
* Well-known Scientists
* Landforms
* Soil and Weathering

Learn a great deal from this Body Organs 4 Kids App:
The app simplifies the understanding of Body Organs and their functions: 
Features include:
+ Few cool facts 
+ What problems can arise if organs doesn't function properly
+ How to keep the organs healthy
+ A few questions about body organs

Organs covered:

Brain, Heart, Lungs, Ears, Eyes, Skeleton System, Digestive System, Muscles, Kidneys, Pancreas, Liver, Spleen, Gallbladder, Bladder, Cell, Skin, Nose, Tongue

5th Grade Science Glossary #1 and #2:

In this app Science Glossary terms are covered. App provides definitions, explanations, illustrations and quizzes related to Science vocabulary. 
These 2 apps cover:
+ 272 science terms
+ 509 pages of learning and quizzes.

Glossary terms from the below topics are covered in this app:

+ Earth Science
+ Matter
+ Scientific Inquiry
+ Space Science
+ Life Science part 1
+ Life Science part 2
+ Energy
+ Force and Motion

Analogy for 5th grader:

450+ Analogy questions
Want to prep your kid to tackle analogy questions? Analogies are always included in standardized tests/Gifted and talented programs in 5th grade. 
The word and picture based analogies Apps will definitely help students develop comprehension of vocabulary and spatial relationships. They will improve critical thinking, reasoning abilities, and creativity skills, and will help them be ready to take on tests with ease!

Life cycle:

This app is a great addition to the bundle. The app was built painstakingly and goes into great details on lifecycle stages in a unique and focussed way. As kids grow, they need to understand how life starts, morphs through various stages into an adult. Various process life cycles that follow a systematic flow through stages at regular intervals are covered as well. 

Life cycles covered:

- Frog Life Cycle 
- Water Life Cycle
- Butterfly Cycle
- Plant Cycle
- Pollination
- Photosynthesis
- Moon Phases
- Nitrogen Cycle
- Oxygen Cycle
- Rock Cycle
- Ladybug

Math Order App:

This app showcases a unique way to teach mental math by letting you arrange numbers in ascending/descending order after doing math operations: addition, subtraction, fractions and decimals - . There are eight categories of math problems with multiple levels in each.

- addition 
- subtraction  
- multiplication
- fraction

Grade 5 Science Quiz Apps #1 and #2

These 2 apps cover Quiz questions in these Science topics. These science apps should prepare your kid to take on standardized tests.

+ Matter and Energy
+ Force, motion, and energy
+ Earth and space
+ Organisms and environments
+ Scientific Investigation and Reasoning Skills