5th Grade Science Glossary - Volume 1  

Glossary words, their definitions, some contextual explanation, and pictures that relate to the science terms is precisely what is available through this 5th grade glossary # 1 App. - goal is for 5th graders to get familiar with science terms they need to know. The app is great for kids with learning challenges.
Along with learning, there are practice modules for each of these sections to reinforce what they have learnt.

This app is divided into the following 5 learning and 5 practice units.
+ Earth Science Part 1
+ Matter
+ Space Science
+ Earth Science Part 2
+ Scientific Enquiry

Glossary words covered in the app are listed below:



Earth Science Part 1:
Acid rain, Air mass, Air pressure, Anthracite, Atmosphere,
Bitumen, Climate zone, Climax community, Consumer, Convection,
Corona, Current, Desalination, Earthquake, El NiƱo, Erosion, 
Estuary, Fault, Front, Global warming, Greenhouse effect,
Headland, Humidity, Igneous rock, Intertidal zone, Jetty, 
Landform, Lignite, Local winds, Magma, Mantle

Atom, Chlorophyll, Comets, Condensation, Conduction,
Deposition, Electron, Element, Evaporation, Gas,
Hardness, Liquid, Luster, Mass, Matter, Mineral, Molecule,
Neutron, Nucleus (atom), Periodic table, Proton, Reactivity, Salinity, Solid, Solubility

Space Science:
Asteroids, Axis, Community, Cotyledons, Eclipse, Equinox,
Galaxy, Law of universal gravitation, Light-year, Magnitude, 
Main sequence, Orbit, Photosphere, Planets, Revolve, Rotate,
Satellite, Solar flare, Solar wind, Solstice,
Space probe, Sunspot, Universe

Earth Science part 2:
Mass movement, Metamorphic rock, Microclimate, Natural gas, 
Natural resource, Near-shore zone, Nitrogen cycle, Nonrenewable resource,
Open-ocean zone, Pangaea, Peat, Plate, Pollution, Precipitation, 
Prevailing winds, Reclamation, Recycle, Reduce, Renewable resources, 
Reusable resources, Reuse, Rock, Rock cycle, Sedimentary rock, Shore, 
Tidal energy, Tide, Tide pool, Volcano, Water cycle, Weathering, Wetlands

Scientific Enquiry:
Climate, Diffusion, Fossil, Physical properties, Position,
Scuba, Sonar, Streak, Submersible, Telescope,
Temperature, Volume (measurement), Water pressure, Weight.

This wonderful app built by Nth Fusion is currently presented in the English language.
+ This app covers 125 science terms
+ The app covers 250 screens of learning and quizzes.
+ The app has 125 pictures related to science terms. A picture is worth a thousand words!

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