Grade 5 Science Glossary - Volume 2  

This app is a continuation of the 5th grade science glossary series. Fifth graders need to learn science glossary terms and their definition. This app presents glossary words, definitions, and contextual explanations related to the glossary term. This is precisely what is available through this 5th grade glossary # 2 App.

The app also has interactive practice modules for each of these sections to reinforce what they have learnt. 

This app is divided into the following 5 learning and 5 practice units.
+ Life Science Part 1
+ Energy
+ Life Science Part 2
+ Force and Motion
+ Life Science Part 3
This wonderful app built by Nth Fusion is currently presented in the English language.

+ This app covers 147 science terms
+ The app covers 259 screens of learning and quizzes.
+ The app has 150 pictures related to science terms. A picture is worth a thousand words!
Glossary words covered in the app are listed below:



Life Science Part 1:
Alveoli, Amphibians, Angiosperm, Reproduction,
Biomass, Biome, Birds, Bone marrow, Capillaries, Carbon-oxygen cycle,
Cell, Cell membrane, Cellular respiration, Chemical bonds, Chromosome,
Classification, Combustibility, Competition, Compound, Continental drift,
Crust, Decomposer, Density, Direct development, Dominant trait,
Ecosystem, Embryo, Endangered, Energy pyramid, Epidermis, Exotic, Extinct,
Fertilization, Fiber

Energy :
Conductor, Conserving, Core, Cytoplasm, Electric charge,
Electric circuit, Electric current, Electromagnet, Energy,
Fossil fuel, Fusion energy, Geothermal energy, Heat,
Hydroelectric energy, Insulator, Kinetic energy, Lens,
Nuclear energy, Pitch, Potential energy, Power, Radiation,
Reflection, Refraction, Resistor, Solar energy, Volume (sound)

Life Science Part 2:
Fish, Food chain, Food web, Fungi, Gene, Genus, Germinate,
Grafting, Grain, Gravitropism, Gymnosperm, Habitat,
Individual, Inherited trait, Instinct, Invertebrates,
Joints, Kingdom, Learned behavior, Life cycle, Ligaments,
Mammals, Meiosis, Metamorphosis, Mitosis, Moneran, Nephrons,
Neuron, Niche, Nonvascular, Nucleus (cell), Organ,
Osmosis, Ovary

Force and Motion:
Acceleration, Action force, Balanced forces, Electric force,
Force, Friction, Gravitation, Inertia, Machine,
Magnetism, Momentum, Net force, Reaction force, Speed,
Unbalanced forces, Velocity, Wave, Work
Life Science Part 3:
Palisade layer, Phloem, Photosynthesis, Phototropism,
Pioneer plants, Pistil, Pollen, Population, Producer,
Protist, Receptors, Recessive trait, Reptiles, Respiration,
Seedling, Reproduction, Species, Spore, Stamen,
Succession, Symbiosis, System, Tendons, Threatened,
Tissue, Tissue culture, Transpiration, Tropism, Vascular,
Vascular plants, Vegetative propagation, Vertebrates,
Villi, Xylem

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