Grade 6 Science Glossary - Volume 1  

This science glossary app is for the sixth graders. Ask your sixth grader what “malleable or ductile” means? Terms like these and many more are covered in this app. Science terms, their definitions, and simplified understandable explanations are presented in this app with beautiful illustrations. A sixth grader with a thorough understanding of these science terms will have a sound foundation to build on. This interactive app will help student to succeed in science. 
Interactive practice modules for each of these sections are also included, to reinforce and help retain what they have learnt.
This app is divided into the following 5 learning and 5 practice units. 
+ Earth Science Part 1 
+ Matter 
+ Energy 
+ Earth Science Part 2 
+ Scientific Enquiry 

+ This app covers 134 science terms
+ The app covers 228 screens of learning and quizzes.
+ The app has 134 pictures related to science terms. A picture is worth a thousand words!
+ Understanding these glossary terms are paramount to kids as they help build foundational knowledge and understanding, not only in current grades but also in higher grades.
Glossary words covered in this app are listed below:

Earth Science Part 1: 
Abyssal Plain, Acid, Air Mass, Air Pressure, Asthenosphere, Atoll,
Axial Tilt, Cementation, Continental Shelf, Continental Slope, Convergent boundary,
Core, Crust, Deposition, Divergent boundary, Earthquake, Environment,
Epicenter, Erosion, Estuary, Evaporation, Focus, Forecast, Front, Grassland,
Groundwater, Heat, Hurricane, Igneous rock, Intertidal Zone, Lava

Chemical energy, Circuit, Conduction, Convection, Electric energy, Electricity,
Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic, Energy, Fission, Fusion, Kinetic Energy,
Law of Conservation of Energy, Longitudinal wave, Loudness, Magnet,
Nonrenewable Resources, Nuclear energy, Pitch, Potential Energy, Radiant Energy,
Radiation, Reflection, Refraction, Renewable resources, Thermal Energy

Atom, Base, Buoyancy, Carbon cycle, Chemical property, Chemical Rock, Clastic Rock,
Combustibility, Compound machine, Condensation, Density, Ductility, Electron,
Element, Gas, Liquid, Malleability, Metal, Mixture, Neutron, Nonmetal,
Opaque, Periodic Table, Proton, Reactivity, Solid, Solution, Suspension, Texture, Translucent,

Earth Science Part 2:
Lithosphere, Magma, Mantle, Mesosphere, Mid-Ocean Ridge, Mineral,
Nitrogen cycle, Plate Tectonics, Precipitation, Relative humidity,
Reusable Resources, Rift, Rock cycle, S-waves, Sea-Floor Spreading,
Seamount, Season, Sedimentation, Stratosphere, Surface map, Thermosphere,
Thunderstorm, Tornado, Transform fault boundaries, Transverse wave, Trench,
Tropism, Vertebrate, Warm-blooded, Wavelength, Weather map,

Scientific Enquiry:
Amplitude, Astronomical Unit, Atomic Number, Classification, Colloid,
Compound, Linnaean Taxonomy, Physical Properties, Population, Punnett Square,
Reflective Telescope, Refracting Telescope, Richter Scale, Station Model,
Wave, Weather balloon

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