1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade Science Glossary Bundle Apps 

Science Glossary bundle of 6 apps (Grades 1 - 3) for the price of 5 apps. You save 20% with this bundle.

Students are naturally curious. Science feeds that curiosity and provides a venue for them to explore, discover their surroundings, learn valuable concepts, gain life skills and set them up for great careers. Science contains specialized words that may be unfamiliar to students. Understanding Science vocabulary with illustrations, and explanations provide valuable context to learning science terms, and is a vital piece of that journey.

After one year of effort from 10 teachers, 5 graphics designers, 2 software Programmers and one voice narrator, we are proud to present the Science Glossary Series that will blow your mind away. There are 6 apps in this series and they cover 1st grade through 3rd grade. These apps consist of carefully selected science words, their definition, contextual explanation, illustrations, sounds and most importantly they are grade specific. These apps will help students, teachers and parents to learn, teach and experience science in a vivid imagination through illustrations, text and sound. We incorporated the truth that a picture is worth 1000 words, and mixed it with a voice narration to produce the perfect learning experience.

In this science glossary series we are covering all the main topics of science for each grade :
+ Life Science
+ Earth Science
+ Space Science
+ Scientific inquiry
+ Energy
+ Matter
+ Force and Motion 

The app has learning sections and quiz sections.

We want each student to get an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and make a difference in society. For that reason, we are making these apps available for $4.99. You can never get any print material for $4.99 And the best thing is, its on your iPad at your fingertips. These apps bring interactivity, illustrations and sound to life. Each app will cover an entire school year worth of science vocab.

These apps have no advertisements, no In-App purchases, and we do not collect personal information of any kind.

App is ideally suited as a study aid in classrooms, homeschooling and a handy refresher at home. Voice narration, in every screen, will aid non-native English students in learning science vocabulary terms.

This bundle contains: 
1st Grade Science Glossary #1 & #2:

+ This app covers 50 + 50 science terms
+ The app covers 100 + 100 screens of learning and quizzes.

glossary words covered:

float, friction, magnet,…, wind

air, condense, dissolve, …, texture

Earth Science:
desert, …, winter

Space Science: 
moon, …, solar system

Life Science:
algae, to weather

Force & Motion:
attract, change, …, refract, sink, speed


2nd grade Science Glossary #1 & #2 apps:

+ This app covers 53 + 54 science terms
+ The app covers 157 + 162 screens of learning and quizzes.

Following glossary words are covered: 

arctic, to woodland forest

loudness, magnet, music,energy,pitch, solar energy, sound, vibrate

gas, irreversible, liquid, matter, mixture, reversible, solid

constellation, crater, moon, orbit, rotation, solar system, star, sun.

adaptation, water vapor.

force, gravity, location, motion

centimeter, mass, medicine, milliliter, paleontologist, permanent teeth, property, reconstruct, sonar, temperature, thermometer, transportation


3rd grade Science Glossary #1 & #2 apps:

+ This app covers 75 + 86 science terms
+ The app covers 151 + 167 screens of learning and quizzes.
+ The app has 150 + 160 pictures related to science.

+ Earth Science
            atmosphere, axis, barrier island, bedrock,
            canyon, …., weather
+ Energy
            circuit, conduction, conductor,…, work
+ Matter
            absorption, atom, chemical change, …., solution
+ Life Science
Amphibian, Bird, …, Trait
+ Force and Motion:
Force, Gravity,…., Speed

+Scientific Inquiry
Anemometer, Interact,…. Weight

+Space Science
Asteroid, Comet, …, Star