4th, 5th and 6th Grade Science Glossary Bundle Apps  

Save 20%. This bundle has 6 Science Glossary apps (Grades 4 - 6) for the price of 5 apps.

Students are naturally curious. Science feeds that curiosity and provides a venue for them to explore, discover their surroundings, learn valuable concepts, gain life skills and set them up for great careers. Science contains specialized words that may be unfamiliar to students. Understanding Science vocabulary with illustrations, and explanations provide valuable context to learning science terms, and is a vital piece of that journey.

After one year of effort from 10 teachers, 5 graphics designers, 2 software Programmers and one voice narrator, we are proud to present the Science Glossary Series that will blow your mind away. There are 6 apps in this series and they cover 4th grade through 6th grade. These apps consist of carefully selected science words, their definition, contextual explanation, illustrations and most importantly they are grade specific. These apps will help students, teachers and parents to learn, teach and experience science in a vivid imagination through illustrations, text and sound. We incorporated the truth that a picture is worth 1000 words to produce the perfect learning experience.

+ Understanding these glossary terms are paramount to kids as they help build foundational knowledge and understanding, not only in current grades but also in higher grades.

In this science glossary series we are covering all the main topics of science for each grade :
+ Life Science
+ Earth Science
+ Space Science
+ Scientific inquiry
+ Energy
+ Matter
+ Force and Motion 

The app has learning sections and Interactive quiz sections.

Grade 4 Glossary apps 1 & 2 : 
+ apps covers 125 + 137 science terms
+ apps covers 250 + 252 screens of learning and quizzes.
+ apps has 125 + 150 pictures related to science terms. A picture is worth a thousand words!

+ Earth Science:
Abyssal plain, Air mass, …, Water cycle

+ Matter:
Absorption, …, Translucent, Transparent

+ Scientific Inquiry:
Amplitude, Barometer,…, Weight

+ Space Science:
Asteroid, Axis,…., Star

+ Life Science part 1 :
Adaptation, Amphibian, ….., Mammal

+ Life Science part 2 :
Metamorphosis, Microorganisms, …., Vertebrate

+ Energy : 
Anthracite, Bituminous coal, … Visible spectrum, Work

+ Force and Motion :
Acceleration, Compression, …, Wheel and axle

Grade 5 Glossary apps 1 & 2 : 
+ apps covers 125 + 147 science terms
+ app covers 250 + 259 screens of learning and quizzes.
+ The app has 125 + 150 pictures related to science terms. 

Earth Science Part 1:
Acid rain, …Estuary,…, Mantle

Atom, Chlorophyll, Molecule,…, Solubility

Space Science:
Cotyledons, Eclipse, Equinox,…, Solstice

Earth Science part 2:
Microclimate, Natural gas, … , Wetlands

Scientific Enquiry:
Diffusion, Fossil, …,Water pressure.

Life Science Part 1:
Alveoli, Amphibians, …, Fiber

Energy :
Conductor, Cytoplasm, …., Refraction

Life Science Part 2:
Food chain, Grafting, …Osmosis

Force and Motion:
Acceleration, …, Unbalanced forces

Life Science Part 3:
Palisade layer, Phloem, …,Villi, Xylem

Grade 6 Glossary apps 1 & 2 : 

+ This app covers 134 + 134 science terms
+ The app covers 228 + 228 screens of learning and quizzes.
+ The app has 134 + 134 pictures related to science terms. 

Earth Science Part 1: 
Abyssal Plain, Acid, ….Intertidal Zone

Chemical energy, Longitudinal wave,…,Thermal Energy

Base, Buoyancy,…Translucent

Earth Science Part 2:
Lithosphere, … Wavelength

Scientific Enquiry:
Amplitude, Astronomical Unit, …, Weather balloon

Life Science Part 1:
Abiotic, …., Embryo, Endoskeleton

Force and Motion:
Average Speed,…, Wedge

Life Science Part 2:
Exoskeleton, …., Parasitism, Petal

Space Science:
Asteroid, Axis, …, Supernova

Life Science Part 3:
Phototropism, Pistil, …,Vacuole.



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